Together we reach any goals

We are one of the leaders of dating agencies in Ukraine.

About us

The perfect start for a career


Stop procrastinating

We will show what cool work, a tube team and a tangible growth prospect are. Together we realize the impossible.

We are passionate about what we do. We adhere to work ethics, as an honest name depends on it. Adamant for their ambitious goals. Straightforward in working relationships.

Become a part of the heroic team, we will accomplish feats together!



Cooperation with us

when you can come to the office, change your shoes in slippers, sit down at a smart computer and make $ 100 per shift. At the same time heart-to-heart talk on the balcony and get a lot of pleasure from work.

Transparent payouts
At the first stage of work, we will pay you a salary - 3 times. Internship, advance payment and salary. Then you will clearly know what you are getting money for and how to get it even more. Nobody limits you in the salary.
Tangible perspectives
We build a working relationship so that you gain experience and subsequently become a leader. And this is actually done in six months, as experience shows. Can you faster?
Individual approach
We treat all our employees, clients, and everyone who comes to our office. Equally beautiful and with respect. This creates a healthy ecosystem inside our office.
Isida is a successful dating agency project